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How to Start an Essay

Creating a good introduction is a vital part of writing an essay. A good introduction will pique the interest of the reader by introducing the subject in question and the topic of the paper. This will ensure that the reader does not become bored or distracted during the course of the paper. An introduction should contain three to five sentences, each containing around 100 words. A long introduction will not look professional and will not convey your main points clearly.

When drafting an introduction, it is very important to remember the hook, or first sentence of an essay. The hook sets the tone of the entire paper. It should introduce the topic, describe what it is about, and provide some context about the issue at hand. The hook should be short, relevant, and intriguing, because it will serve as the thesis statement of the entire essay. If the hook does not work, you might have to rewrite your introduction.

The opening paragraph contains the thesis statement, or the hook. The hook is a short summary of the subject, which should contain a fact or quote. In addition to the topic, the opening paragraph should contain a thesis statement. This statement explains to the reader the subject and the author’s opinion on it. If the topic is too long, the reader will not understand what the essay is about. Therefore, you should include a strong thesis statement before you begin writing

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