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4 Common Behavioral Changes Cats Show as They Get Older

Feline fur babies, like humans, begin to act differently and show behavioral changes as they grow old.

As a responsible cat owner, you should pay adequate attention to your furball’s changing personality and habits so you can help it adapt to a more suitable environment and lifestyle. At the same time, constant monitoring enables you to identify any medical issues early and get your pet timely medical assistance.

Whether your fur kid is a young or fully grown cat, having a medical financial backup in terms of cat insurance NZ can help. Contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance at least so your fluffy friend can get basic medical care at affordable costs during distressing health scenarios and medical emergencies, which are more likely in the case of senior pets.

Note that pet insurers don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, which is why you should consider buying a policy early on in your pet’s life. In the meantime therightmessages, read this article to learn some changes cats can exhibit as they get older.

#1 Staying more active after the sun goes down

Feline pets are often active at night, but it can get annoying for the household members when they stay more active than usual, which is likely the case as they enter the senior life phase.

Restlessness, stress and anxiety tvboxbee, declining cognitive functioning, eye issues, and other physical ailments can make navigating the home during dark hours challenging.

Some cats can feel lonely, while others may want to use the litter box many times; it could be a different reason for your cat; find out the cause and try remedying it so everyone can sleep peacefully.

#2 Having frequent accidents both indoors and outdoors

Senior fur babies may end up eliminating outside the litter box. However, know that your pet might not be doing it deliberately stylesrant, so don’t reprimand it.

Older cats suffering from renal issues, urinary tract infections, endocrine disorders, diabetes, mobility issues, and elimination-controlling difficulty can pee or poop at unexpected places.

It might be challenging for a senior cat to walk to the litter box, get in, and finish its business. Should you notice frequent accidents voxbliss, take your pet for a complete physical examination to determine the health condition and solution to the problem from the vet.

#3 Drastic changes in vocalizations and gestures

Kitties going through pain or discomfort can meow day and night. Pacing, panting, confusion signs, physical disorientation, and other unusual behaviors can indicate there is a problem.

Cognitive decline is often the culprit in the case of senior cats, which is why it is essential to get its vision and hearing tested asap.

#4 Significant personality changes

A cat that was more social in its younger days can get distant as it grows old, or it could be that a shy and hesitant cat becomes more friendly during its senior years. Aggression, irritability, and being indifferent to others are a few changes to look out for.

Monitor your pet’s energy levels allworldday , weight, and behaviors regularly to get clues about its health and wellbeing. Simultaneously consider being equipped with cat insurance in NZ so your fur kid gets the medical care it deserves during dire health circumstances.

Cheap cat insurance can cover your cat’s non-routine vet costs up to the benefit limit, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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